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Jan 24, 2013 5:30am EST
3- 3 &p 3 cominn up... 3- p3 manti taao finally sits doon for a sit-down innerview... and taaks abouu his feelings 3&pgirlfriend nevee existed. 3 and it's been a tough road to the super bowlfor the ravens...but ttht's been half the funthat story coming up inn 3 ((break 2)) 3 3the wooan in the photos ussdd innthe manti te'o hoax is sseaking out. but the accused mastermind behind the scam remains silent. brian todd reports. reports. &p3 manti te'oosays he stuck to the story bout a ggrlfriend he'' never met-- brieely ppblic about her-- even when &phe knnw sometting was an iinerview with abc's katie couric, te'o was asked wwy. myself to died on september 12th. nowwi gee a phone call -3 on december 6th sayinggthat going to be put on national tv two-days later, and to ask me about the same quession. what would you do??a source with knowledgeeof the maater tells cnn, a woman pretendiig to be - te'os apparent girlfriend, lennay keeua- called him on & december 6th, ccaiming she'd & faked her death because she &pwas afraid oo drug dealers. te'o went to notre dame officials with h
Jan 18, 2013 5:30am EST
abuzz this morning as notre dame &plinebacker manti te'o says he - was the ictim of a "sick joke."so who's really ehind the hoax?brian todd has more. 3& it was a hoax made aal the - more believable- by his -3 hushedd mouunful interviews- like the one he gave e-s-p-n. "i cried. i yelled. never felt that way before. six-hours ago i just found out my ggandma passed away and you take,,you & know- the love of my lifee last thing she said to me was 'i love you'."but manti te'o's & supposed girlfrrenddlennay kekua, who'd reporteddy died of leukemia, never existed. te'o and notre dame say he was the victtm of this hoax.who perpettated it?'', the sports-investigative - website that brokk the sttry, points to a young man named ronaiah tuiasooopo.cnn ootainee a yearbook photo of him rom 2008, when he as a senior at paraclete high school in lancaster, califfrnia.deadspin, citing friends and relatives of the girlfriendd and spread the myth online."they told us that he has been doing the lennay kekua fake online rofile for several years, and that he's 3 ttap- but that they caught o
Jan 17, 2013 5:00am EST
abouttthe death of girlfriend may nnt be ed ayne tells us... manti te'o now says he was the viitim of a "sick joke." joke." & 3 notre dame sttr linebacker manti teeo (man-tie tay-oh) pxcelled n the foottaall pfeld... dessite dealing witt - traaedy off te field.te'o said last september that his & grandmooher and his girlfriend died within hours of each other -- and heewould keep playing to honor them.but,,the girlfriend story was a hoox, - according to an article published bb the sports dame attletic director jack &pswarbrick says e'o only spooe to the girrfriend in question.... online and on the telephooe. this was a very elaboratt, very sophisticated hoax perpetrated for reaaonss - and a certtin cruelty at ts core.the story waa that teo's the ootbbll player didd't attend her funeral because he said e promised her he wouldn't miss a game.deedspin writer timoohy burke, who brokkethe story, says some things just don't add up.we have a lot of stories about how they mee. she was a -33 student at stanford and they game and we know now thht didn't happen.and there is this...when t
Jan 24, 2013 5:00am EST
makes -3 allmst 87 percent.i'm alison kosik innnew yyrk. 3cooinggup... the manti ta'o -3 saga takes another twist. twist. the poman in the photos at the centee of the hoax is now speaking out. 3 3 school delay 3 2 hoors late:3 aane arundel countybaltimore county carroll countyfreddrick 3
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4